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Are your drying cycles increasing in length? Do you frequently re-start the dryer upon noticing that your clothes haven't fully dried?  Blocked dryer vents severely reduce the efficiency of your dryer. Regular dryer vent cleaning ensures that the dryer is functioning correctly, leading to shorter dryer cycles.  A clogged dryer vent can prevent your dryer from running on optimal efficiency, leading to dryer times upwards of 30-40 minutes.  Who's got the time for that?

Shorter Drying Cycles = Time Saved


We at Dryer Vent Sweepers know our customers value their time; so we gladly offer services, such as dryer vent cleaning, that can potentially free it up!  Less time spent on waiting on dried clothes equals more time for work, leisure and family obligations.


Call or contact us online for a quick and effective dryer vent cleaning!

Don't Risk A
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Burning Odor 

Lint build up within your dryer can cause a fire, or damage your appliance, book your Internal Dryer Cleaning Today

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