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Central Vacuum Cleaning


Dryer vent sweepers are proud to offer a professional cleaning of your residential central vacuum unit.


This includes;


1.  Clog removal throughout the central vacuum pathways.  This ensures that any clogs within the central vacuum duct are removed, as to prevent the loss of suction.


2.  A full inspection and specialized cleaning of your central vacuum hose.  This ensures that any debris or clogs within the hose are cleared.


3.  Thorough cleaning of each entry point and airway connected to the main vacuum unit.  This ensures any dirt, dust or debris is removed throughout the pipelines leading to the main unit.


4.  Cleaning of the air-filter and canister with HEPA quality vacuum.  This ensures that your unit will provide optimal suction while simultaneously reducing the wear-and-tear that occurs when the central vacuum motor is strained or overworked.


Our qualified technicians can resolve any central vacuum clog or obstruction!  Call 1(888) 622-3656 or contact us online for a thorough and affordable cleaning of your central vacuum system!

Don't Risk A
1 (888) 622-3656

Burning Odor 

Lint build up within your dryer can cause a fire, or damage your appliance, book your Internal Dryer Cleaning Today

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