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Multi-Unit Dryer Vent Cleaning


At Dryer Vent Sweepers we are equipped to perform multi-unit dryer vent cleanings; whether it be for hotels, motels or condominiums!  


Due to the nature of multi-unit buildings such as hotels, motels or condiminiums, a fire in a single unit may potentially spread throughout the whole structure!  The ensuing fire can result in catastrophic property damage, injury, or in extreme cases, loss of life. Annual dryer vent cleanings also result in a reduction of utility costs, leading to notable savings.  Not to mention, the obvious improvement in efficiency of your tenants' clothes dryers.


Our qualified technicians possess the necessary equipment and knowhow in order to effectively and thoroughly remove any traces of lint or obstruction within the venting system!


If you are a property manager or owner who is concerned about risk of fire, ineffective dryers for your tenants or rising utility costs, call 1(888) 622-3656 or contact us online!

Don't Risk A
1 (888) 622-3656

Burning Odor 

Lint build up within your dryer can cause a fire, or damage your appliance, book your Internal Dryer Cleaning Today

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