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Central Vacuum Cleaning Benefits


Cleaning your central vacuum can provide several benefits for your home:


Small objects such as children's toys, trash and even loose change are often swept up along with the usual dirt and dust when you use your central vacuum unit.  These pieces of debris create obstructions in the air-flow of the central vacuum's pathways which leads to reduced or even non-existent suction. Our skilled professionals remove these clogs to in order to ensure your vacuum is working properly and not losing suction.


If your central vacuum unit is at capacity, build-up of dirt and dust within the canister and it's filter can cause the motor to overwork in an attempt to provide improved suction - often incurring significant wear-and tear. Our specialists thoroughly clean the filter and canister of your central vacuum unit in order to ensure minimal strain on your motor.


An obstruction within your central vacuum unit pathways or a central vacuum unit filled to capacity forces dirt and dust to re-enter your home rather than be exhausted properly.  Recycled dust and dirt can pose substantial health risks, especially to those who suffer from asthma or certain allergies.


Our central vacuum cleaning service can put all of the aforementioned concerns to rest, providing improved airflow and suction, which is ideal to get the most out of your vacuum.  Call 1(888) 622-3656 or contact us online to schedule a professional and thorough central vacuum cleaning service!

Don't Risk A
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Burning Odor 

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