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Dryer Not Working Properly?

Dryer Not Working Properly?

If your dryer isn't working properly or is taking too long to dry clothes, you may need to have your dryer vents cleaned!

Speed up Your Dryer!

Speed up Your Dryer!

Excess lint build-up can lead to slower drying times. Contact the specialists at Dryer Vent Sweepers for professional and affordable vent cleaning!

Internal Dryer Cleaning

Internal Dryer Cleaning

Lint build up within the dryer can cause a burning smell when the dryer is in use. This can cause damage to your appliance, and is a major fire hazard. Call now to book your dryer cleaning done by a certified appliance technician on our team!

Reduce the Risk of Fire!

Reduce the Risk of Fire!

22,000 dryer fires occur yearly in the U.S. alone, accounting for the majority of household fires! Call or contact Dryer Vent Sweepers for quick and affordable service!

Save Money!

Save Money!

Next to your furnace, your clothes' dryer requires the most electricity usage in your household! Call or contact us online to schedule a dryer vent cleaning!

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Warning Signs
  • Drying times are slower than usual

  • Burning odour coming from dryer 

  • "Check filter" light is on

  • Your last dryer vent cleaning was over a year ago

Dryer vent cleaning duct cleaner sweeper clean slow not working Mississauga Hamilton Burlington Oakville Toronto
 Our Services
  • Dryer vent cleaning

  • Dryer vent installation

  • Pest proof vent cover installation

  • Dryer Cleaning

  • Bird's nest removal

  • Bathroom exhaust cleaning

Do you find yourself running extra drying cycles just to dry the same set of clothes? Frequent usage of your dryer causes excess lint build-up, leading to slower drying times while simultaneously increasing the risk of a dryer-related fire!  Call or contact us online to schedule a thorough and affordable dryer vent cleaning for your home!

Don't Risk A
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Burning Odor 

Lint build up within your dryer can cause a fire, or damage your appliance, book your Internal Dryer Cleaning Today

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